Community Projects

This section provides a short overview of some of the community projects and case studies initiated by Tutu Fellows. It is by no means comprehensive, but illustrates how Fellows are demonstrating leadership through change in their communities or as a result of their experiences with the Tutu Leadership Programme.

Fort Hall Eye field with scarecrow

Fort Hall Eye Community Project

In one of the most troubled counties in Kenya, 2017 Tutu Fellow Samuel Kariuki has launched a project called Fort Hall Eye.  Located two hours from Nairobi, Murang’a County is one of Kenya’s more densely populated rural districts. Historically, the county was a leading coffee producer, accounting for the bulk of Kenya’s world famous Arabica exports. However, mismanagement has led to a decline in the county over the last two decades, with a majority of farmers, often small-holders, abandoning the crop and resorting to subsistence farming. The resulting increased poverty levels over the last 20 years has had a significant impact on the social fabric.  The Fort Hall Eye Project is an agro-entrepreneurship program coupled with micro-loans for vocational training offering skills training and mentoring, starting with a 15-acre farm being used as a kind of live incubator.


Women In Tech

Building a better tomorrow through education

In 2017, Tutu Fellow Andiswa Bata launched a coding boot camp for female employees within ABSA bank called The objective was to encourage more females to join the technology revolution by equipping them with basic coding skills and allowing them to get exposure to projects within the bank’s digital and data teams. Fifteen women took part in the pilot program in which participants could earn a Python basic programming certification.